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Spring Fling!

Over on Facebook, I have been hosting a daily painting group. I'm told the group is inspiring and indeed, members are creating more, and maybe having more fun doing it! Definitely, it's been an amazing thing, to create and inspire others. In January I focused on florals, knowing that spring would get here eventually. Currently I'm focused on chickens! I keep chickens and have always loved them. They have personality, they're soft, they're maybe the easiest farm animal to care for. I love when they follow me around the yard like I'm their person. I've had trouble making successful chicken paintings though.

The beauty of daily painting (create a small painting a day, post on social media) is being emersed in a subject, technique, or just practicing a habit. Not every painting is a keeper, of course, but so far, every month-long challenge has resulted in at least several paintings that I'm proud of. My floral series will be hanging in River Gallery in La Conner WA starting next week (Aril 16, 2022). Several went to forever homes right off the easel!

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